Radziejowice Palace

Radziejowice is a village in east-central Poland. It is situated in the lightly hilly and picturesque terrain of Mszczonów Heights. In the 15th the powerful Radziejowski family built their residence here. In 17th century Renaissance manor acquired the shape of a baroque palace complex. Primate Michael Radziejowski finished rebuilding a wing from the original palace configuration which presently constitutes a section of the palace complex. The palace were surrounded with spacious gardens. After the Primate’s death Radziejowice belonged to the Prażmowski family and subsequently Ossoliński family, and then in the end of 18th century came into possession of the Krasińskis. Krasińskis transformed the palace into its present classical form. In the 19 th century the palace interiors were decorated with paintings. Next to the main palace were built the small neo-gothic romantic tower and a landscape park were created around the palace. Some pieces of tower (so-called Little Castle) originated in the 16th century.

After World War II, the palace complex was rebuilt with the funds from the Ministry of Culture and Art. Since 1965 the palace has functioned as a creative work home for artists.

Because of its proximity to Warsaw, Radziejowice had many visitors. The palace hosted Polish kings - Zygmunt III Vasa, Władysław IV Vasa and Jan III Sobieski, writers and poets among them Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Noble prize winner in literature and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, painters - Wojciech Kossak and Józef Chełmoński.

The palace is located in a beautiful park with a large pond. In the palace you can see a collection of Józef Chełmoński paintings. Next to the palace is a larch manor house from the turn of the 18th and 19th century and the nineteenth-century brick forge converted into a conference room and a café.
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  1. Your photography amazes me always. Wonderful crisp captures of truly stunning settings. Love this trip to the palace you showed us.

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  4. Such a wonderful photo series. I love the colors and the light!

  5. Beautiful buildings and wonderful light.

  6. The palace is an amazing structure. How great that Poland has rebuilt this wonderful building so important in the country's history.

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  8. Exquisite palace and lovely manor house!

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  11. MAGNIFICENT palace and MANOR house! thanks for sharing.

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