Spisz Region

North part of the Spisz Region

Spisz (Slovak: Spiš,  Polish: Spisz) is a region in north-eastern Slovakia (3,500 km²) and in south-eastern Poland (195.5 km²). The Spisz has been endowed by a really beautiful nature. Its northern part is surrounded by massive peaks of the High Tatras mountains and the Belianske Tatras,  that merge with the unique scenery of the National Park Pieniny with the Dunajec river. The eastern border is Levoča Mountains (Levočské vrchy). In the south, there is Slovenské Rudohorie mountain range followed by picturesque cliffs and gorges of the National Park Slovak Paradise.

North part of the Spisz Region and the Tatra Mountains - a view from Wysoka (Pieniny Mts.)

The Spisz has always been a melting pot of many nations, cultures and religions. You would find here people of the Roman-Catholic as well as the Greek-Catholic religion, Orthodox, Evangelic and Jews. They worked and lived together. The Very interesting ethnic group are the Highlanders. They settled near the northern border region in the 12th century. Highlanders are a distinctive minority with their own culture, and speak a dialect of Polish (Learn more: Wikipedia.Spiš & (Unofficial) Spiš web site)


  1. Such an incredible scene - great capture!

  2. Beautiful capture, and interesting information. Thanks for telling us about this. I'd never heard of this area, but your photo intrigues me. Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/02/tijuana-sunrise-bottoms-up.html

  3. Your photography is so inspiring and always takes me away from my day! Love it.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Beautiful. That first shot is really something special.

  5. Spisz....., piękna kraina , taka do powrotów, szczególnie po słowackiej stronie.., ładne foty, pozsdrawiam

  6. I love the first photo. At first I thought it was of the ocean. It is certainly a beautiful area.

  7. Wow - stunning shots.

  8. A beautiful and interesting area! Great photos, too.

  9. Wonderful, wonderful images!! The top image is almost surreal: the contrast between the cold, barren and foreboding landscape with the shimmering golden light from the sky above [nice hints of the crepuscular rays]. In fact, there is a patch of landscape that reflects that golden hue... The lower image is beautiful in its own right: multi-layered, deep colors and excellent depth of field. Inclusion of the trees in the left foreground made this a much stronger image than would have been the case had it been omitted. Good eye/composition!

  10. Fantastic photos.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  11. Unbelievable beautiful pictures!

  12. I lingered on the first photo for quite some time. So very beautiful!

  13. Lindas fotos! A primeira parece estar em baixo d'água.

  14. Spectacular views, wow!!!


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