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Sunsets over the Nida Valley

The Nida is a river in central Poland, a left tributary of the Vistula river. The Nida has a length of 151 kilometres and is made of two smaller rivers, the White Nida and the Black Nida, which merge in the upper part of the basin. The geographical region through which Nida flows is called Ponidzie (Nida Riverside). 

In the north, the region is marked by carbonate and gypsum rocks, while in the south the landscape is flat. The valley of the Nida is wide and covered with meadows and pastures. The bottom of the valley is flat and wet, with peat appearing in several locations in the former oxbow lakes. There was established three landscape parks and several nature reserves in the Ponidzie. 

Ponidzie in the late Middle Ages, it was one of the most important regions of the Kingdom of Poland. There are ancient Lesser Poland towns of Pińczow, Wiślica and Nowy Korczyn located on the banks of the river Nida.

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