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Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe and in the world. This Wola District cemetery was established in 1806 beyond the city trenches (Polish: okopy), their course marked by today’s Okopowa Street. The cemetery occupies an area of 33.4 ha and it is the resting place of over 200,000 persons, many generations of Jews Varsovians. The cemetery is owned by the Warsaw Jewish Community and still serves as a burial place today.

The cemetery, which has become a dense forest in the post-war period, is filled with monuments dedicated to notable persons such as politicians, spiritual leaders, inventors, economists and others. Many of the markers are simple, others are elaborately carved and richly decorated. Large mausoleums appear in styles ranging from Egyptian Revival to Art Deco. The cemetery is divided into an area for women and an area for men. Moreover, there is an area of the Orthodox and for the Reformed deceased.

Unlike other cemeteries in Europe, …

Catching the colours of autumn

Autumn can be one of the finest times to experience walking through the park. Lift your spirits with the wonderful colours of Autumn.

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