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The Uruski-Czetwertyński Palace in Warsaw, Poland

The Uruski-Czetwertyński Palace is located in Warsaw at Krakowskie Przedmieście (Cracow's Suburb) street no 30. This is one of the most impressive former magnate residences at the Royal Route. The road leads from the summer royal palace in Wilanów to the Royal Castle in the Warsaw Old Town. 

The palace was built around in the Baroque style 1740 for Stanisław Poniatowski, father of Stanisław August, the future king of Poland. It was here that Stanisław August learnt he was elected monarch of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The palace changed hands several times. In 1843 it became the property of Seweryn Uruski. Uruski chose to demolish the palace and to erect a new building in the Renaissance architectural style. The construction work lasted from 1844 to 1847 under the direction Andrzej Gołoński. In the years 1893-1895, the palace was renovated and the new north outhouse was built. Next, the palace was the residency of Włodzimierz Czetwertynski and his descendants, until 1940.…

There was a tree...

In October trees and bushes end their fruit season. Oak trees lose their ripe acorns. It is time to celebrate and enjoy the colours. Golden Polish autumn – that’s the phrase commonly used to describe this season. During October a total change of colours takes place. Only coniferous trees retain their green colour, but the deciduous trees and shrubs are golden and rusty. The green disappears and gives place to bronze, red and yellow tones which create unique autumn aura of beautiful “Polish golden autumn”, especially during sunny weather. The period of leaves’ fall is prolonged in time, as different species loose their leaves at different times. 
Polish autumn is truly beautiful and if you have a chance to visit our country during any of the fall months – do it!

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