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Garden-City Podkowa Leśna

Podkowa Leśna (literal meaning - "Horseshoe Grove", in full: Miasto-ogród Podkowa Leśna - "Garden-City Podkowa Leśna") is a town in central Poland, in Grodzisk Mazowiecki County, (Masovian Voivodeship). The town is located not far from Warsaw in a beautiful setting of the Młochowskie Forests. Forests surround the town from three sides (the east, the south, and the north).

The area where is situated Podkowa Leśna, since 1861 belonged to industrialist and hunter Stanislaw Lilpop. The creation of the town was connected directly to the Electric Railroad. The line was constructed and operated under the original name "Elektryczne Koleje Dojazdowe" (Electric Commuter Rail) by a privately owned electrical power industry consortium "Siła i Światło" (Power and Light) established with the participation of British capital shortly after Poland regained independence after World War I in 1918.

"Garden-City Podkowa Leśna" was based on 19th century Ga…
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