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Walls of Piran

Piran - located in southwestern Slovenia on the Adriatic Sea - is one of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean. The landscape of this beautiful coastal town located in the peninsula is dominated by the massive walls on the hills above the city. The first wall was built in the 7th century, separating the town into four streets. In the next centuries the wall was moved south-west when the city were expanded.  Significant parts of the fortification walls (15th - 16th century) are well-preserved. Its northern part is accessible for tourists.

Water droplets


Pieniny Mountains

Pieniny – it is the name of the beautiful mountain range in the south of Poland and the north of Slovakia. The whole calcareous range is stretching out for 30 km from the west to the east having no more than 5 km width. The most spectacular part of Pieniny is protected in the trans-border Pieninski National Park. Mountain peaks (the most important peak are: Three Crowns - 982 m a.s.l.) like white teeth of a huge dragon rose among the hills. The are famous for breathtaking views.
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