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Stunning sunsets in Podgora (part 1)

Podgora is tourist village situated in the heart of Dalmatia, on the Makarska Riviera in Croatia. It was first mentioned in 1571 in written records. In the 60's and 70's, Podgora became one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Dalmatia. In the village and in the surrounding is a large vegetation and on the coast are beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. Podgora is also an ideal place for photographers. The sunsets are amazing...

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Beech forest in the East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

The East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve is a transboundary protected area, designated as an area of global importance under UNESCO's Programme on Man and the Biosphere. It is located in the Eastern Carpathians on the territory of three countries: Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. This reserve is formed by the combination of three national parks. It is the only extant designated trilateral biosphere reserve in Europe.

The dominant tree species is beech (Fagus sylvatica).  Other common species (silver fir, sycamore, Norway maple, oak, elm, etc.) do not account for any significant percentage of forest cover.

The beech forests of the East Carpathians represent an outstanding example of undisturbed, complex temperate forests. They contain an invaluable genetic reservoir of beech and many species associated and dependent on these forest habitats.

The entire area of the Biosphere Reserve is built of flysch rocks.  The territory belongs in large part to the cool climate.

The characteristic herb…

Looking at the Zugspitze

The Wetterstein Mountains (German: Wettersteingebirge) is a mountain group in the Eastern Alps, between the cities Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Seefeld and Ehrwald. It extends in Bavaria in Germany as well as in the province of Tyrol in Austria. The most famous mountain of the Wetterstein Mountain chain, the Zugspitze summit (2,962 m), is at the same time the highest peak of Germany. 

The scenic landscape, good network of cable cars and lifts makes the mountains are heavily frequented by tourists for most of the year. The Wetterstein Mountains chain is an ideal region for alpinists and climbers, but also an ideal place to leisure activities for families.

Unusual pine tree in the Winiarski Forest near Busko

A unique and rare tree grows in the Winiarski forest near Busko Zdrój (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland). This is the very interesting tree with exposed root system because of dune erosion. Because of its unique appearance, this tree is protected as the monument of nature. 
"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful." -Alice Walker-

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Before sunup in the Gorce Mountains


With views of the Tatras


Spiš Magura - idyllic mountain range

Spiš Magura is mountain range situated in Slovakia on the outer side of the Western Carpathians. It is located between Tatra mountains and Beskid and Pieniny ranges. The western and northern boundaries of the Spiš Magura are the international border with Poland. Its highest point is Repisko (1259 meters a.s.l.). Spišská Magura used to be a region of wood cutters and shepherds. Today it is an interesting region for tourists.

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