Settlement in Beskidy Mountains

Hamlet of Zapolanka in the Żywiec Beskids
Specific character of natural environment in mountainous areas greatly determines human activity including settlement and land-use. The most significant population increase in the Polish Beskids took place between the First and Second World War. Deforestation, a  process concurrent to expanding agriculture, was almost over by the end of the 19th century and the first part of 20th century. After World War II has occurred depopulation of most villages. This is attested by an increase of forested area in the region. Present land-use pattern is optimal and no further interferences are necessary in order to retain all of the natural and cultural values of this region.

Hamlet of Zapolanka in the Żywiec Beskids
Hamlet of Kręcichłosty in the Żywiec Beskids
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  1. Such beautiful images. My family are from Poland but I have not been there for many years. I am well overdue another visit there. A beautiful place and amazing photos - so glad I have found your blog via #inspirememonday at #createwithjoy. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Please pop over and say dzien dobry at

  2. Saying bonjour and dzien dobry - a wonderful page and photography. Look forward to seeing more of your work

  3. The colours in these images are just amazing.


  4. Wow, beautiful landscape and super colors in this photos, i like it!
    My article Winter
    Greetings from germnay


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