Saxon Garden, Warsaw

The Saxon Garden - Warsaw's oldest public park - is located within 10 minutes' walk from the old town. The Saxon Garden was originally the site of Warsaw fortifications, "Sigismund's Ramparts". The garden was extended in the reign of King Augustus II, who attached it to the "Saxon Axis", a line of parks and palaces linking the western outskirts of Warsaw with the Vistula River.
The park was opened to the public on 27 May 1727. It became a public park before most world-famous parks and gardens.

The Saxon Garden initially was a Baroque style park, inspired by the park of Versailles. In the 19th century, it was turned into a Romantic English-style landscape park. During World War II park was destroyed, especially after the Warsaw Uprising. It was partly reconstructed after the war.

In the park are located 20 beautiful sandstone statues. They were made before 1745 by anonymous Warsaw sculptors under the direction of Johann Georg Plersch. In the 18th century, there were 70 postuments in the Garden, only 20 of them have been preserved until our times. There are several groups of sculptures, including Arithmetic, Astrology, Bachus, Flora, Geography, two sculptures identified as Glory, Instruct, Intelligence, Intellect, Justice, Medicine, Military Architecture, Painting, Poetry, Rationality, Science, Sculpture, Venus and Winter.

In the park is located also Great Fountain - one of most famous symbols of Warsaw. This beautiful fountain is surrounded by many Rococo (late Baroque) sculptures. The fountain designed by Henryk Marconi is the centrepiece of the garden and is the popular meeting place for romantic couples.

In the Park is located Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland. The triple arch of the Tomb is the only remnant of the Saxon Palace colonnade. The Palace was destroyed by the Nazis. Here official delegations place wreaths and pay homage to the killed soldiers. The tomb has a change of guards every hour.


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