Hiking trail

Hiking trail in Żywiec Beskids 
Hiking in Canada and the USA is the preferred term for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside. On the other hand in the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, the term walking is used to describe all forms of walking, whether it is a walk in the park or trekking in the Alps. The word hiking is also sometimes used in the UK, along with rambling, hillwalking, and fell walking. In New Zealand a long, vigorous walk or hike is called tramping. 
In the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and United Kingdom, hiking refers to walking outdoors on a trail, or off trail, for recreational purposes. A day hike refers to a hike that can be completed in a single day. However, in the United Kingdom, the word walking is also used, as well as rambling, while walking in mountainous areas is called hillwalking. 
Trekking is the preferred word used to describe multi-day hiking in the mountainous regions of India, Pakistan, Nepal, North America, South America, Iran and in the highlands of East Africa. Hiking a long-distance trail from end-to-end is also referred to as trekking and as thru-hiking in some places. In North America, such multi-day hikes, usually with with camping, are referred to as backpacking.

Hiking trail in Żywiec Beskids
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  1. Both are beautiful landscapes. But I especially love the white beauty in the first one.

  2. Think I'll go out and go tramping! Beautiful photos. I especially like the first one.

  3. looks like a lovely place to hike.

  4. How gorgeous!

  5. Such lovely images...that last one in particular!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love a good hike...or walk. Makes me happy to be out among nature.

    I host a Photo Friday link-up; would love to have you join us!

  7. That first photo took my breath away!

  8. Beautiful photos. That is why English is so hard ... hiking isnot something I really do but I am sure if I did I'd like it ;)

  9. Beautiful photo! That explanation was so complicated! :-) As someone who can no longer hike, I see a distinct difference between hiking and walking because I CAN walk! :-) The different vernaculars are always interesting...thanks for sharing it. I never would have known.

  10. Incredible photos! I loved reading your definitions and thoughts on the different interpretations of hiking, walking, and trekking.

  11. Thanks for the descriptions of the different kinds of walking/hiking. Very interesting.


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