Fortresses in Šibenik

Šibenik is called "Krešimirov grad" (Krešimir's city). It is the oldest native Croatian town on the eastern shores of the Adriatic. In the town of Šibenik there are four fortresses: St. Nicholas Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Nikole), St. Michael Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Mihovila), St. John Fortress (Tvrđava Sv. Ivana) and Šubićevac Fortress. St. Michael's fortress was built between 13th and 18th century on a steep hill 60 m above sea level, overlooking the estuary of the Krka river. The main gothic entrance is on the eastern side. Inside the fortress there are 2 water tanks, which were used by the soldiers. The other necessary chambers like bedrooms, storages and similar rooms are not preserved. From the walls is a wonderful view of the of Šibenik and the Kornati archipelago.

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  1. What a lovely place.

  2. Is that a cell tower in the middle photo? Wow, talk about a mix of old and new!!

  3. what a neat castle! I'd have lots of fun taking photos there

  4. Beautiful shots, especially with the roofs of the town below.

  5. How gorgeous. I would love to visit Croatia one day.

  6. That last photo took my breath away!

  7. Last one is magnificent. It speaks volumes to look at.

  8. Gorgeous shots! I love that last one - really gives a sense of scale.

    Stopping by from Serendipity is Sweet

  9. Amazing to be in the midst of history past!

  10. An incredible old building so high above the landscape. The views are magnificent.

  11. Thank You for sharing !!


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