Żywiec Beskids

A view from Rysianka Mountain Pasture towards the Mt. Babia Góra

Żywiec Beskids (Polish: Beskid Żywiecki) located in the southwest of Silesia along the Slovak border, are among the tallest mountains in Poland after the Tatra Mountains. The highest peak is Babia Góra (1725 m a.s.l.). Tourist trails run through magnificent forests and glades from which enfolds a fascinating view over the Tatras and even Little Fatra in Slovakia.

A view from Rysianka Mountain Pasture towards the Little Fatra Mountains

Linked to: Żywiec Beskids (continuation) and Rysianka Mountain Pasture


  1. Both photos are gorgeous. I looked at your other posts and they are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing images of a part of the world that I've never visited.

  2. Incredibly beautiful scenery!

  3. love your mountain images.

  4. Wow, beautiful mountains and scenes.

  5. Love how those hills get lighter in the distance!

  6. Impressive 2nd image!
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  7. absolutely stunning view...

  8. Beautifully peaceful and surreal.


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