Autumn morning in Ujsoły


Ujsoły is a village in Żywiec Beskids, in southern Poland, close to the border with Slovakia. The settlement Ujsoly was founded in the sixteenth century by Walachian settlers - pastoral peoples of the Balkan origin. The newcomers settled on the uninhabited mountain areas. Original name of the village was "U Soły" (eng. "by the Soła") and is derived from the position of the first homesteads located directly by the River Sola. Over the years the name were Polonized to the currently used name "Ujsoły". Ujsoły is the perfect starting point of many mountain hiking trails.


  1. That first shot is just amazing! Your autumn colors are fantastic.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  3. gorgeous autumn images. the first one is beautiful.

  4. A marvellous region indeed. Your captures are superb, not just the glory of autumn colour but the magic of autumn for as well.

  5. Amazing photos. I like fog...

  6. Wow...that foggy morning...that just HAS to be the BEST photo this week!!

  7. Lovely scenes and images.. The trees are lovely.. Have a happy weekend!

  8. Fall is my favorite season. Your golden images are absolutely wonderful!
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  9. Love the first picture most. It's fantastic!
    Wish you a happy Weekend

  10. Your first photo is absolutely beautiful, and lovely to have the history of the place as well.

  11. My goodness, how very beautiful (all three images). I appreciated the history as well. Many thanks!

  12. Bajeczne kadry ! Można się rozmarzyć :)

  13. Wonderful captures♪

  14. Beautiful photos! Ecspecially I like the first one! It´s brillant!

  15. Absolutely fantastic pics. Great series.
    Happy WW!

  16. So beautiful.
    You captured the Vapor perfectly.
    I think I would like to visit there.

  17. The first one is stunning! Although all your photos are excellent"_


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