Lake Eibsee in Bavaria

Eibsee is a lake located in the highest altiutudine of Germany. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian Alps due to its location beneath the Zugspitze and the clear, green water. Lake name (die Eibe in German = yew, der See = lake) is attributed to the yew, which grew formerly very numerous around the lake.

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  1. Pierwsze zdjęcie mistrzostwo.

  2. Oh WOW how I would love to be sitting by this lakeshore right now.

    You should link this post with Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflections.

  3. What panoramic scenes. Love the still reflections in the second photo.

  4. Olá,
    Linda foto! Sem palavras...

  5. Wow... jaw-dropping beauty! Excellent photography.

  6. Beautiful mountain and lake, a lovely scene and photos.. Happy weekend!

  7. Such beautiful scenery.

  8. Wow! A scene of Tranquility

  9. Such a beautiful lake, so tranquil.
    I've been to Austria and there are many beautiful lakes.
    In the UK where I live we have a National Park called The Lake District,
    again with many beautiful lakes., sadly it rains a lot there so one can't always capture
    the true beauty of the place, I love the winter there, when the mountains are covered in snow,
    and the lakes take on the reflection of a bright blue sky.
    st wishes,
    ABCW team,

  10. oh, my goodness, it's lovely!


  11. WOW, astonishing how clear it is! So peaceful and serene. Gorgeous photos!


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