Lublin castle

The castle in Lublin is a one of the oldest preserved Royal residencies in Poland, established by High Duke Casimir II the Just. The medieval castle is situated in a hill adjacent to the Lublin Old Town district. The oldest part of the castle was built in the first half of the 13th century. The tallest building of the castle was built from stone and keep to this day. It is the oldest standing building in the whole city. In the 14th century, during the reign of Casimir the Great, the castle was rebuilt with stone walls. 

The most momentous event in the castle's history was the signing in 1569 of the Union of Lublin, the founding act of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 

In 19th century carried out a complete reconstruction of the castle. The new buildings were in English neogothic style. Only the keep and the chapel were preserved in their original state. 
The castle served as a prison from 1831 to 1954. Since 1957 it is the main site of the Lublin Museum.

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  1. A magnificent looking building

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  4. What a fabulous place--I love castles. The history is nice to read and I'm glad it's been restored.

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  12. A magnificent piece of architecture which looks like a fairy tale in night light.

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  15. I have made a note because I will be driving to poland in 4 weeks time for a few days . maybe visit it ..


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