Peaks of Żywiec Beskids

A view from the Pilsko mountainside towards the western part of Żywiec Beskids
The Żywiec Beskids became a tourist destination in earnest a century ago. Tourists were very quick to recognize the advantages of the highest peaks Babia Góra (1,725 m above sea level) and Pilsko (1,557 m a.s.l.). Nowadays, they are the most popular hiking, cycling and skiing destinations. From the both peaks we can admire a vast panorama. Mountains attires itself in various garments: white, enveloped in snow in winter; woven from light green leaves in spring; green, interwoven with colourful flowery spots in summer and in autumn, made of golden leaves.

A view from the peak of Sokolica towards the Babia Góra massif

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  1. That sky is such a gorgeous blue !! Nice captures. Happy New Year !!

  2. Gorgeous scenery!

  3. Beautiful landscape, and something to dream about on dreary winter days!
    Happy Sky Watch,

  4. Such beautiful views!!!

  5. Gorgeous vistas! Especially nice to see on a cold winter's day.

  6. The second shot makes me want to sing, like in the Sound of Music. :-)

  7. great pictures...The landscape in your pictures resemble so much like places in Uttarakhand, India. And most of these places are located high up in mountain accessible through hiking only.

  8. Love these photos :)


  9. Gorgeous scenery & such a beautiful fine blue sky day. The greatest thing since I started photo-blogging is that I get to see so many parts of our beautiful planet that I wouldn't normally see on TV

  10. Stunning mountain landscape. The colours are most impressive.

  11. Such a goregous part of the world that you allowed us to enjoy through your lens.

  12. The mountains and the deep blue sky are so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting with Blue Monday. We are on vacation, thus, the late comment.
    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for joining in the fun.


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