Castle in Olsztyn - one of many Jurassic strongholds in Poland

The ruins of the castle in Olsztyn near Częstochowa are among the best-known strongholds of the Polish Jura. The castle, situated on the top of a limestone hill, was constructed during the reign of king Casimir the Great (1333-1370) as a part of a defensive system for the trade routes from Kraków to the Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) region. It was built of white limestone and overbuilt with brown bricks. The castle witnessed many dramatic events, and from the mid-seventeenth century, it was falling into disrepair. Eventually, it became a tourist attraction, lying on the popular Eagles’ Nests Trail.

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  1. Hi! Nice capture. I looked your former posts too. Your photos are very very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful shot.

  3. Beautiful photos and a great landscape, it looks a bit like in the Scottish Highlands.

  4. A wonderful photo...thank you for giving some history with it.

  5. Beautiful shot! I would like to visit here.

  6. piękne, jak z bajki:)

  7. What a neat shot and it would be a great place to visit. Wonderful area. MB

  8. Awesome photo... like a postcard!

  9. Love this shot and it's also nice to know some of the history..

  10. Stunning shot!

  11. Awesome pic. Like the composition

  12. Yes, I agree with the comments. Great shot!

  13. Looks like a wonderful place.

    Gorgeous photo too

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  14. I've always wanted to visit Poland since I was a little girl and had 2 Polish friends. Their parents had come to Canada either just before or just after WW2. And from the gorgeous photos I've seen on your blog, I simply MUST put it on my bucket list!

    abcw team

  15. Amazing shot, you really are an excellent photographer,
    A JOY to behold !
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with us.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  16. Great shot, but no Spielberg?



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