Zwierzyniec - the Pearl of Roztocze Region

Zwierzyniec is the picturesque town-garden located in the Roztocze Region (Eastern part of Poland). The settlement was established by Great Crown Chancellor and Hetman Jan Zamoyski at the end of the 16th century. He built a wooden manor house here, surrounded by a small zoological garden. In the 17th century the manor house was changed into a palace. Near the palace was dug artificial lake with a number of small islands. On the island the Zamoyskis built a baroque chapel, which became later the main church of the local Catholic parish. It is now known as the St John Nepomucene's parish church (or a church on water). The access to the chapel island is now via a bridge.

Many of the buildings of Zamojski Ordynance have been preserved till today. There is a brewery from 1802 and a masonry tavern from the beginning of the 19th century. In the beautiful antique wooden House of the Plenipotentiary is located a head office of the Roztocze National Park. The park was created in 1974 and protects some of the last remaining sections of the primordial forest of Central Europe. Tourists have a choice of many walking trails as well as a bicycle trail.
Roztocze in 2011 has become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


  1. Such elegant buildings and how wonderful that they were so well preserved.

  2. Lovely shots, and interesting commentary too.

  3. I'm happy someone is protecting the forests of Europe. Beautiful buildings.

  4. Wonder set of images. The chapel is simply stunning. Everything about it is so pleasing to the eye. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  5. What a fabulous building


  6. Lovely! I can see why you call it a pearl.
    Please come share at

  7. What beautiful buildings. It is lovely to see history preserved. The church is so pretty.

  8. Jak tam pięknie! Interesujący wpis :)

  9. Beautiful buildings! Am surprised at the next-to-last dark brown building - it almost looks Swiss:) Also, I noticed that the owners second name is "Jan" - the most common name for men in Holland (my country of origin). Beautiful post -have a happy weekend:)

  10. what lovely buildings- the second one reminds me of the South state in USA.

  11. wonderful architecture

  12. It's a beautiful building. Your photos are great!

  13. Przepiękne miejsce.
    Zapraszam do mnie na Urokliwe Miejsca i ...
    A oto ich adres:

  14. What a wonderful place! Lovely photos too.
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday, I look forward to your contribution this week.


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