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Table Mountains

The Stołowe Mountains (Table Mountains) are part of the Sudetes range. It is located in south-western Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic. The range is built of sandstone and presents plated structure with sheer mountain ledges. The range’s unique shape is a result of hundreds of thousands of years of erosion. There are several notable rock formations and a sophisticated system of corridors which creates rock labyrinths.

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Tatra Mountains # 2

Tatra Mountains. A view from the Mountain Hut at the Łabowska Mountain Pasture (Hala Łabowska), Sącz Beskids, Poland

Spisz's Pieniny

The Spisz's Pieniny are the lowest part of the Pieniny Mountains. They are built of limestone in the Carpathian flysch. The geological structure makes the land relief features varied. Two picturesque castles at Czorsztyn (ruins) and Niedzica, which are embedded into a mosaic of woods and fields, add to the charm of the area.

Baltic Sea Coast

Poland' s Baltic coast is over 500 km in lenght. The great attraction of Baltic coasts lies above all in its beautiful sandy beaches set against a background of pine forest, and photogenic cliffs. The coastline is dotted with many historical towns and cute fishing hamlets. Region is among the most attractive tourist regions in the country.
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