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Fabulous summer evenings in Primošten

Primošten is a beautiful town in Croatia, on the Adriatic coast. Beautiful beaches and fabulous sunsets... such the perfect place for summer vacation. I have described this beautiful city in posts: Primošten and Primošten (once again), so this time I publish only 4 pics ...

Four sunsets over the Lake Szarcz

Szarcz is a beautiful lake located in the Lubuskie Lake District, Lubuskie Voivodship, Poland. In the south east shore is located a large village Pszczew - tourist center of Pszczew Landscape Park.

Kruszyniany - Tatar village where Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox live together

Kruszyniany is a small village in north-eastern Poland, close to the border with Belarus. The village has a population of 160. It is a special place on the map of Poland. The place is often called a cultural melting pot as this is a cross point of three major religions: Catholicism, Moslemism and the Orthodox Church. In the past, Kruszyniany was primarily a Lipka Tatar settlement. Up until this day, the Tatars still remain as the only minority in the village.

The name "Tatar" was originally referring to one of the Mongolian tribes and along with the creation of an enormous empire of Genghis Khan the name began to refer to all Mongolian tribes, also Turkic ones. The bravery of the Tatars was highly appreciated by the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Kings of Poland. The Tatars serving in the Crown (Kingdom of Poland) and Lithuanian Armies were to receive soldier's pay. As the state treasury was empty, King Jan III Sobieski pay Tatar soldiers with lands. At the end of 17th ce…

Supraśl Lavra - important site of Orthodox culture in Poland

The Monastery of the Annunciation in Supraśl (aka the Supraśl Lavra) is one of six Eastern Orthodox monasteries for males in Poland. The Monastery was founded in the 16th century. With the passing of the years, the Supraśl Lavra became an important site of Orthodox culture in the Kingdom of Poland. In 1609 the Basilian Order took over the administration of Monastery. The Basilians oversaw the rebuilding of the Monastery complex and expansion of its publishing activity. Over a period of slightly more than one hundred years, published 350 titles in Ruthenian, Polish, and Latin. In 1796, Prussian authorities confiscated the holdings of the monastery after the third Partition of Poland.

In 1807 Supraśl fell under Russian rule and the Russians gave the monastery complex to the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1875, the St. Panteleimon church was built, in 1889, St. John the Theologian, and finally in 1901, St. George the Victor. In 1910, there was a restoration of the 16th-century frescoes, wh…

Morning mist over the Bobolice in Polish Jura

I have described the Mirowskie Rocks in the post Mirowskie Rocks in Polish Jurassic Highland, and today I want to show a few pictures taken in one magical, autumn morning.

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