Polish–Czech Friendship Trail, Karkonosze Mountains

My favourite mountain range - the Karkonosze Mountains are the highest part of Sudetes mountains stretching horisontally from south-western Poland along the northern border of the Czech Republic to eastern Germany.

Karkonosze Mountain are visited by more than 1.5 million tourists yearly. They can use 112 kilometres of walking paths, 10 ski lifts and 12 mountain huts and hotels. The most picturesque hiking trail named The Polish–Czech Friendship Trail (Czech: Cesta česko-polského přátelství, Polish: Droga Przyjaźni Polsko-Czeskiej) runs on both sides of the Czech–Polish border, along the main ridge and crosses or traverses all its summits. The level of its difficulty is moderateIn, but the winter time it is available only for qualified tourists.


  1. My oh my! Beautiful scenery and amazing photography.

  2. Świetny wpis i przepiękne zdjęcia :)

  3. w piękną pogodę trafiłeś :D

  4. Such glorious winter shots.

  5. The snow glows with beautiful light in the first scene. Stunning photos.

  6. Indeed rare and beautiful shot!

  7. I love the last one. It's special, with an amazing atmosphere

  8. That looks so beautiful, my kids would love to go skiing, or just see some snow come to that!

  9. Beautiful. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place although it looks a bit too cold for me :-)

  10. wow!! to all but the last one is very different and catches my eye.

  11. Brrrr....it looks so cold there but those shots were fantastic.


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