Stunning sunsets in Podgora (part 1)

Podgora is tourist village situated in the heart of Dalmatia, on the Makarska Riviera in Croatia. It was first mentioned in 1571 in written records. In the 60's and 70's, Podgora became one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Dalmatia. In the village and in the surrounding is a large vegetation and on the coast are beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. Podgora is also an ideal place for photographers. The sunsets are amazing...

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  1. Wow, these pics are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Those are truly gorgeous sunset - lovely shots.

  3. The streaks of light and color are just amazing. Great photo!!

  4. Beautiful sunset and silhouettes of the mountains...

  5. I love your blog title! And stunning sunsets.

  6. Just awesome! I'd love to be there :-)

  7. These are some fabulous scenes! I like the compositions and colors.

  8. Wow - wonderful pictures - I love the layers of land, sea and sky.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Cudowne fotografie i wspaniałe miejsce. :)

  10. Indeed, stunning sunsets! Also love that the lights of the houses are seen:) Hope to see you this week at All Seasons with one of these stunning ones:) May be you remember that the link is open till Wednesday evening 7 pm, Pacific time. For you in Europe, that is nine hours later:)

  11. Many thanks for taking the time to share your dazzling sunset shot with All Seasons! Am appreciative of your beautiful add. Wishing you a great week:)

  12. stunning, indeed. the everyday can be quite impressive,can't it?

  13. amazing and beaufiful indeed

    Melody (ABC-W-team)
    Preview Round 21

  14. Totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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