The Centennial Hall in Wrocław

The Centennial Hall (Polish: Hala Stulecia) in Wrocław (Poland) was constructed according to the plans of architect Max Berg in 1911–1913, when the city was part of the German Empire. The cupola was made of reinforced concrete, and with an inner diameter of 69 m and 42 m high it was the largest building of its kind at the time of construction. The symmetrical quatrefoil shape with a large circular central space seats 7,000 persons. The Hall became a key reference for the development of reinforced concrete structures in the 20th century. In 2006 the building was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The Centennial Hall lies close to popular tourist attractions, such as the Wrocław Zoo, the Japanese Garden, and the Pergola with its Multimedia Fountain and is frequently visited by tourists and the local populace.


  1. Wonderful captures. Thanks for all the info on this grand building.

  2. An impressive building. The interior is stunning - lovely shot.

  3. Amazing! I don't live in a big city, or even near one, but I wonder if today's architecture and construction are so fabulous as this building.

  4. These are some grand places to see. It's a stately building.

  5. Fascinating architecture!
    Thank you for linking up at

  6. Wonderful shots.

  7. The architectural design is stunningly beautiful!!

  8. Don't know if my comment came through...the architectural design of this building is stunning and beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous venue!


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