Orthodox Church in Chełm

Orthodox Church of Saint Ian Theologian was erected in the years 1846-1852 by the czarist government for the needs of the Russian garrison in Chełm. Nowadays the church, built in the classicistic style, serves the Orthodox Parish in Chełm.


  1. I loved seeing the churches in Russia.

  2. ładne zdjęcie


  3. My oh my! Beautiful Church and fascinating sky. I see you are having rain as we are.

  4. absolutely gorgeous. i say "thank you, thank you" for sharing with us at InSPIREd Sunday. just lovely.
    have a great week. ( :

  5. That's quite an amazing building! Wow!

  6. Absolutley gorgeous photograph!

  7. This is a fantastic shot, and how was it edited? I would love to be able to create something like this.

  8. Beautiful shot of a beautiful church!


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