Chlastawa. The Route of Wooden Churches of the Bagpipe Region, Poland

The readers of the "National Geographic Traveler" magazine in the sixth edition of the "The seven new wonders of Poland" have picked "The Route of Wooden Churches of the Bagpipe Region" in the Lubuskie Voivodship. The Route is some 23 kilometers long and leads to the temples in Chlastawa, Klępsk and Kosieczyn. The most beautiful church is located in Chlastawa nearby Zbąszyń. 
The Filial Church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary in Chlastawa was erected in 1637 for Protestants persecuted in Silesia. The church was built in frame construction with wooden tower. The interior of the church in a unique form presents an open roof truss structure. 
It is covered with rich polychrome from 17th century It presents the scenes of the Last Judgment and foliage motifs.
The church in Chlastawa is a historical monument of outstanding universal value which should be particularly interesting for folk architecture lovers. Together with the gate-belfry and the former cemetery it forms a beautiful sacral complex of exquisite historical features. It was profoundly renovated in the early 20th century, and a tower was rebuilt.

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  1. Beautiful church--- very well captured! Love the night shot.

  2. What an ingenious building, with so many details. I love the ceiling, with each beam painted on! Like that the interior of this chapel has a living room-like look - beautiful! Greatly shown at night! It looks completely out of wood. Is it?

  3. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing churches made out of wood. Kewelopolis!

  5. What a lovely church. Great shots and that little Sun makes it more gorgeous.

  6. wow it is old, I love the interior

  7. Magia drewnianych kościołów jest powalająca i ten zapach w środku...

  8. Love the third photo =) Love also the church ;)

  9. Wow! Unique wooden church

  10. Wow - so very very gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful old churches; it's amazing they have held up so long.

  12. The glow on the outside view of the church is wonderful. Those painted trusses and the interior art are beautiful. Great shots!

  13. Wow..great wooden structures, we can see almost like these ones in Kerala state of India.Have a nice day dear.

  14. These are beautiful. I'd never seen such beautiful wooden buildings before - the natural look of the wood makes these particular. Wood frame here tends to be painted a solid color. I like what you've shown us in these shots.
    Have a great day, and thanks for linking up at

  15. I am happy the church (and the entire route) made it into the seven wonders of Poland. I hope that helps to preserve the place for future generations. And, of course, you know I am googling "seven wonders of Poland" to see what the other six wonders are.

  16. Wow. Those are amazing churches. What care and love the builders of those churches must have had at the time! Everything looks so exquisite - every detail accounted for! I can only wish to see such beautiful places thanks for sharing this!

  17. Such beauty captured with your photos...the church reminds me of our local(Texas) "Painted Churches".

  18. Przepiękny.

  19. That is quite a beautiful church, one of the nicest wooden ones I've seen so far

  20. I love these wooden churches. And beautiful to see inside.

  21. oh wow they look stunnning, never seen something like this before... i sure would love to visit it!

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)
    (want to take a preview at the new url starting round 21 ?

  22. Most unusual, so plain on the outside yet ornate and
    COLOURFUL on the inside, truy lovely.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  23. quaint little church!


  24. It is beautiful. Love the art on the roof beams.


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