Charzykowskie Lake

Charzykowskie Lake is a glacial lake with an area of over 1300 ha and up to 30 metres in depth. It is located in the Tuchola Forest, in the Zaborski Landscape Park, and near the border of "Tuchola Forest" National Park. The sailing traditions of the lake and its water sports centres date back to the interwar period, when Charzykowy – a village located by the lake – was the heart of Polish sailing and iceboating.


  1. These photos are perfection! Love it!

    Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday

  2. The sky had gorgeous colors... Nice catch !

  3. Gorgeous and quietful place. I feel so much serenity, just by looking at them.

  4. Strikingly beautiful photos, #alphabetphoto

  5. Hello, I love the colors in the first scene and sky. Lovely images. Happy Skywatching, enjoy your weekend!

  6. That first photo is just so beautiful with the subtle coloring of the sky and the beautiful blue water.


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